The Breakfast Special – A Review

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November 10, 2013 by gossiportsmouth2

Colby’s Breakfast and Lunch

105 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-436-3033 | Open 7 AM – 2 PM

Not sure who Colby is, but he makes a good breakfast.

Colby’s Breakfast and Lunch is not a secret. There’s usually a line. And that line is usually lengthy. Now, saying that, we’ve got to admit that it’s not the worst wait. The place offers up free coffee for those in line. And standing in a cute alley-like walkway is fine. Now, if it’s raining or sleeting out, okay, maybe the wait would be terrible. Otherwise, waiting for a Colby’s breakfast isn’t bad.


Weird thing about Colby’s, they serve lunch. Okay, in the larger picture of the universe, not the weirdest thing; however, we’ve never met anyone who has ordered lunch there. It’s kind of like saying you read Playboy for the articles — we know you’re lying. And we know you’ve never had lunch at Colby’s.


When we went to Colby’s this past weekend we were enchanted with the specials. And you should never pass up a glance at their chalkboard over the fireplace because that’s where the magic happens. Certainly a breakfast sandwich at Colby’s is nice, but those specials really get us. Right in the stomach, that is, because they are delicious like, well, the specials they are.

To no one’s surprise, when we ordered our food the waiter declared triumphantly: “Perfect.” Now, it’s not like us to seek out comment on our actions, but to hear that our order was “perfect” made us like this place even more. So, yes — Colby’s waitstaff does dish out more than meals and the ‘tude is omnipresent. But if that attitude-laden staff declares our order “perfect” we feel cooler than a tumblr account (and definitely cooler than a google+ profile). And not to belabor the point: our order was PERFECT. We even made substitutions, so it’s not like the “perfect” rating was a given. Beat that random lady who writes about food in a newspaper.

Colby’s atmosphere is a cross between hip art gallery and your best friend’s gay dad’s breakfast nook. You’ve got art on the wall that sometimes you don’t know what it’s about, but who the f cares. The food is great. Pumpkin pancakes? Yes. The L.E.O. (whatever that stands for)? Yes. Anadama bread? Yes. Coffee? Yes. Mimosa? Yes, please. And Colby’s even likes vegetarians. When we made substitutions to our order we substituted regular sausage with veggie sausage. Guess what? It was great.

One of us did rediscover that potatoes in omelets are kind of weird. So, yep. But we also discovered that such a hip place inspires everyone to become an instagramming phenom. Which begs the question, why do we not have an instagram account?


One other thing to note, which is rather needless: doesn’t “Colby’s Breakfast and Lunch” sound like something you’d say to describe your dog Colby’s vomit? We’re not saying, we’re just saying.

Overall rankings:

  • Cuteness of Waiter Calling Names: HIGH
  • Positive Feedback on Order: HIGH FIVE
  • Chance of Return: HIGH HOPES
  • Your Mom: HI
  • Just FYI: we do know who Colby is.


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