Reading Rainbows – November

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November 4, 2013 by gossiportsmouth2

Time after time we find ourselves coming home and saying something like “I’ve looked at a screen for way too long today.” And you know what, we never say that about reading books, because books are great. In fact, we’ve heard that books are part of learning, which means a book was responsible for curing polio (or something like that). So journey with us for this month’s reading extravaganza.

On the nightstand

One Summer: America, 1927. You think you had a great summer that time you made out with Claude? Guess what nerd… Bill Bryson masterfully describes how wrong you are because, unless you locked lips with Claude in 1927, your summer is nothing in comparison to a few solid months of mayhem that this country saw in the late 1920‘s. Bryson reminds us all of some amazing things happening in America, and the world, during 1927. He even shares things that are not at all amazing like the esteemed sport of flag-pole sitting. This book, like other tales from the halls of Brysondom, is a great read. The voice cajoles you along as you delve into little bits of information that singularly are interesting, and even more so when combined into book form. Major check plus.

On the kitchen counter

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook. Victory to the foodie blog! And one run by potheads — didn’t know they had the motivation to do such things. This delightfully illustrated cookbook is the result of a delightfully illustrated blog: The Vegan Stoner. It’s claim to fame: “A collection of vegan recipes so simple to make that even a stoner could prepare them.” So hurray. And it’s true, simple recipes that are vegan, and kind of good. Oh, but wait. Um, there’s a recipe for fried tofu and waffles. So, we’re not really sure about this one. Why do you need fried tofu on waffles? Isn’t waffles enough? Someone was definitely high when they wrote this.

On the toilet

Gentlemen’s Quarterly (Sep 2013). Talk about your dreamboats. This issue is ripe with football players in classy outfits. We are partial to the section on fishermen sweaters. Major question about this magazine: quarterly? Ummm… shouldn’t it be monthly? In any event, this magazine is pretty great with its wardrobe suggestions…if we had five billion dollars a year to spend on neckties and pocket squares. Could we get a bit more realistic here? Geeze.


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