Nothing Crazy Here – A Review


November 1, 2013 by gossiportsmouth2

Loco Coco’s Taco

36 Walker Street, Kittery, ME 03904
207-438-9322 | open 11 AM – 9 PM

Loco? Nothing crazy about this place.

Loco Coco’s Tacos is Kittery, Maine’s salute to California cooking’s salute to Mexico’s baja cuisine. You’ll feel like you just surfed into Loco Coco’s even if it’s sleeting outside. The atmosphere is congenial and casual. Step right on up to the counter and, unless you need a minute to peruse the massive menu overhead, you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to order a margarita or maybe a Dos Equis, unless it’s lunch time, in which case you’re a drunk.


We strongly prefer the main section of Loco Coco’s without waitress service. This is the type of place where you don’t need someone interrupting your meal just to make sure you have everything. All you need is to order something, have your name called after a few minutes, and you’re golden.

This place has even set up a way to dabble away the time while you wait those precious minutes for your burrito, taco, quesadilla, or what did you order already?! That time hole is known as the sauce corner. With a beautiful display of greens, reds, and browns, Loco Coco’s has set up a great interactive exhibit featuring sauces ranging from mild to spicy to enhance your tortilla-based meal. We discovered one problem, however. The colorblind have a hard time distinguishing between greens and reds, so they’re not going to know if they are getting an avocado or chipotle sauce. Hot damn you’re going to want to bring a friend with you if the reds and greens are confusing.


Oh, by the way, on what to order. Everything is delicious here. The taco bowls are maybe a bit cumbersome, but if you’re reading this you wouldn’t be ordering a taco bowl anyways. What your mouth should utter when asked what you would like is: “The California Burrito, please.” This burrito is chock full of delicious ingredients including, and we hope you’re sitting down for this, FRENCH FRIES! Nearly peed yourself, didn’t you? There are french fries in the burritos! Kind of like snakes on a plane, but not really. At least french fries in a burrito can be described as delicious. The only thing you’ll need for this burrito, besides a big appetite, is a stack of napkins. How messy.

photo 1

Some other benefits of going to Loco Coco’s: the military. Guys in fatigues swarm this place like old ladies at a cross stitch store. Some of them can even be described as good looking. Talking about good looking, we rate Loco Coco’s as one of the best looking food service teams on the seacoast (definitely in all of Kittery).

Overall rankings:

  • Yum-yums: FIVE out of five burritos
  • Ambiance: FOUR out of five burritos
  • Celebrity Appearances or Look-a-likes: ZERO out of five burritos
  • Service: ONE out of five burritos — but this is a good thing
  • Your Mom: THREE POINT FIVE out of five burritos

  • Okay, one point of contention about this place: It’s in Kittery. Can you cross the bridge, please?

    Now, if only this guy could get some food.



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