The Best Nation? A Donation

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October 30, 2013 by gossiportsmouth2

Our acquaintances over at the Seacoast Media Group released a story today about the upcoming Portsmouth City Council elections (probably because we’ve been putting such in-depth focus on that issue). And anyways, they offer some fresh details about the money aspect. And, whoa, this city council election is looking like a car loan for a mid-size sedan.

Who raked in the most cash? According to this report it’s hopeful Josh Denton. What do we know about Mr. Denton besides his knack for taking other people’s cash? He has a twitter account, which has put out a total of 13 tweets. The last tweet came on September 8. Why the stop in tweeting? His last tweet mentions knocking on over 200 doors, so we’re guessing he broke his hand or something and can’t type anymore. We’ve also discovered through the power of the twitterverse that Mr. Denton has a picture of himself with two dogs. Groundbreaking revelations like these do not come out of nowhere, and this is obviously a sign that social media is playing a huge role in Portsmouth’s City Council electionorama.

Of little surprise is Stefany Shaheen receiving a large percentage of donations to potential city councilors. But, strangely, this report mentions that Sen. Jeanne Shaheen only gave $100 to her daughter’s campaign. The Senator obviously does not have helicopter parenting issues.

Current Mayor Eric Spear seems to be riding this one like a true independent. He’s only got $400 in donations according to this article, and probably doesn’t even know what twitter is. Which is probably okay because the people who would vote for him, we’re guessing, are of an age in which twitter is considered a dirty word.

So glad we got this out in time to give candy to trick-or-treaters tonight.


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