The Signs Have It Again

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October 27, 2013 by gossiportsmouth2

We wrote about yard signs for several Portsmouth city council hopefuls a few days ago, but then we noticed two more instances that we thought deserved some attention. And thus we have two more candidates and their signs to ponder over.



Looks like someone has some serious sign envy. This Brighton character has definitely gone big, and probably not home. Smack dab in the middle of Haymarket Square (did you know that intersection had a name, by the way? You’re welcome for the info) underneath one of this fair city’s many flagpoles is the Brighton sign. It could even be used as a landmark for giving directions. We wouldn’t be surprised if the intersection was renamed Brighton Corner, or something similar. You know you’re yard sign is too big when you have to anchor it with several lines. This isn’t a sailing yacht, this is just overdone. We’re also a little suspicious about the self-appointed adjectives Brighton has placed prominently on the sign. And might we point out: the thrifty moniker might go best with a smaller sign. The lack of a comma in between “Thrifty” and “Brave” makes us think that “Brave & True” are a combined trait. And is this to suggest that other candidates are not true? And, if so, how are the other candidates not true? Moreover, what’s up with the brave part? It’s not like Brighton is going to be elected commander-in-chief of the Portsmouth Police. Even still, we’ll give three stars to this sign for the wooden frame. It looks sturdy. Maybe that adjective should show up on next election’s yard sign: “Brighton — Sturdy”.


Esther Kennedy

We know what you’re thinking: Esther is definitely a name for someone of a certain age, but this Esther isn’t really that old. She’s probably old enough to use an AOL email account, but hey, she could do a lot worse. We’re sorry to report that we found her sign stashed behind some bushes on Middle Street. So, who’s got a beef with Ms. Kennedy? Granted, the sign isn’t that appealing, but geeze. Ms. Kennedy’s sign reminds us that we’ve noticed a bit of an uprising in yard signs that Chairman Mao would be quite pleased with. Ms. Kennedy’s touches on it with her “For the people” bit, which might turn out negatively when the dog voting bloc shows up strongly November 5. There’s another sign out there that we really didn’t want to talk about, but now that you’ve got us on this topic we’ll spill the beans: Jim Splaine. This guy is going all 5-year plan on us.

So, in closing, don’t forget to vote November 5. Also, don’t forget to bring your ID.


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