The Button Factory Pops Open

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December 6, 2012 by gossiportsmouth2

First, let me apologize to you reader and to my co-editor: I’m sorry. Why? Well, I didn’t take any pictures for this post. And it’s not like there was a dearth of things to photograph. In fact, there was a lot to photograph, including photographs. But now that we are collectively over this mishap, let’s move on. Oh, you’re not over it? Well, go eat some nuts.

The Button Factory, or as we sometimes refer to it as Portsmouth’s fine attempt at becoming a neighborhood in Brooklyn, held an open house over this past weekend. Guests were welcomed into the former factory to witness the goods and creations that artists have labored over in their rather hip studios. And what a delight. From clay figurines to paintings of circles, the creative class really impressed. Well, there were two setbacks on that front actually.

In one instance there was a jeweler selling “diamond” necklaces for about one billion dollars (of the America variety no less), and the “diamond” necklaces were really just metal formed to look like the outline of a diamond. Hmm…

In another instance a lady purporting to be a “bookbinder” seemed to be more of a book seller. Walking into her studio we came across shelves and shelves of books that seemed a bit too old and antique to have been bound anytime recently. Maybe we misread and she is a seller of bound books. In that case, we believe you. Sorry for the confusion.

The best part of the open house may have been receiving a phone call from a hot guy one of us was going to meet up with later that night. Since the phone call was a confirmation of said meet up, it definitely bolstered the experience. 

Some of the best studios created the sense that we were walking into an artist’s secret lair. As if the Wizard of Oz were pulling back his curtain and to our surprise we did not see some feeble old man, but an old man who clearly enjoyed the work he produced and loved sharing it with us. 

And though we did not spend any money at the open house, which had nothing to do with our want for spending, we had some favorite spaces: The ladies selling those furry, feathery hats and neck warmers on the third floor. The gentleman who turned his own wizard wands. The artist who displayed the Button Factory’s original blue prints (even if they had nothing to do with what he was actually trying to sell). And all of the random smells.

Congratulations Button Factory! While we might imagine that you are like that tin of buttons our grandmother kept, you are in fact full of a lot of other things.


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