Still coming down from Halloween’s Sugar Rush

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November 12, 2012 by Gossiport 1

Seriously, guys.  How many of you bought a bunch of Halloween candy and ate it all?  Nobody?  Just me? Okay.  I meant to give it out.  I got the good stuff (thank goodness).  But then I went to the Portsmouth Halloween parade instead of handing out candy.  Whoopsy-Daisy.

So after gorging myself on the sweet stuff, I’ve been riding high for weeks.

Now it’s all gone.

While wallowing in my recent sugarless despair I’ve found these photos of the parade I thought you might enjoy.

Along with these quotes overheard at the parade:

woman talking on cell phone “Ok I’ll make sure to keep my teeth in so they see me with my teeth.”  But if ‘they’ weren’t coming, these dentures are so out?

Towards the end of the parade:

“It’s starting to get weird” ummmmm… where were you for the rest of the parade? What’s your weird-o-meter look like?

Also.  There were two teenage kids on skateboards in the parade not costumed at all.  One of them was either shouting one of the two following things.

Blue ribbon costumes go to….

Most convincing– Tie awarded to this combo: those dressing up as policemen who really went the whole nine yards to looking legit.  And these folks dressed up as dogs must have been doing yoga for weeks to get their downward facing dog poses look so natural.  Walking around on all fours and condensing your body mass like that must not have been easy.  bravo.

really looks like a policeman!

Best at Crafts and Horror:

best at crafts and horror

Most comfort-sacrificing:


This dude walked the whole parade in socks.  Stocking feet.  I guess barefoot running is a fad.  But a fad I do not get.  And wet socks might even sound worse than bare feet.  Not sure.  Just crazy-craze.  Even started to wonder if this was a costume, or maybe really an escaped patient taking advantage of the crowd to conceal his identity…

Most Elaborate Star Wars:

Imperial Walker!!

Most Political:

I thought this parade wasn’t supposed to be political?

Best ’80s movie reference:

zoltar from Big!

Best buns:

I see why you opted for this father-son costume.

laziest ghost ever

Guess what we dressed up as for Halloween.  No, really.  Put your best shot in the comments and we’ll give you hints in the hot or cold scale variety.  Or better yet, show up pics of your costumes!

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