We Knew It

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November 8, 2012 by gossiportsmouth2

Little known fact friend, but we knew President Obama was going to win re-election. Why? Well, there were so many signs.

1.) Even Mormons are getting in on ugly sweaters. And everyone knows that a hip thing like ugly sweaters points directly towards a liberal electorate.

2.) We want to make babies with Nate Silver. Of course our mating calls were not the sign, but the fact that this nerd gained such a following is an indication that people should actually pay attention in math class and smart people make good points with research (also, he’s good looking).

3.) We saw the movie Inception.

4.) The Walking Dead is a television show, not what you want to base your political speeches and campaigns on. We’re not saying that Mitt Romney tried to pit humans against zombies, but 47%.

5.) Sidebar: Who gave Obama our cell phone numbers? Were we the only ones getting texts from “volunteers” reminding us to vote on Tuesday? We know it was actually the Sasha and Malia.

6.) Barack Obama drinks beer.

So basically, yeah.


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