Reading Rainbows – October

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October 24, 2012 by Gossiport 1

Have you gotten through all of our September suggestions and you’re hungry for more material?  Or is it just that you skipped lunch?  Give yourself a snack.  Here is our second monthly installment of what we are reading:

On the airplane

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett.  At first I wasn’t into it, but now that it’s grabbed me, I’m having a hard time coming up for air.  It’s the first book of a historical fiction trilogy, so if I like it all the way through, there’s two more to go!  Though the second is still only out in hardcover, and not sure when three is coming.  Still, there is something nice about a book not really ending at the last page.  Author of Pillars of the Earth, if you’ve read that book or seen that miniseries… highly recommended.

On the kitchen counter

Vegetarian Times November 2012 issue.  Ah, food porn.  You are so delicious.  I’m excited to try the Flaky Harvest Vegetable Squares, though I think I may change some of the vegetables.  And why are candied pecans so good?  Sweet Potato Puree with Candied Pecans, you are coming to a stomach near me soon.  Possibly next time I go to a potluck.  How come no one’s invited me to a potluck lately?  Probably because I’ve been too busy.  Well universe, I’m ready.

On the toilet

Backwoods Home magazine.  Did you buy a sheep after you went to the Deerfield Fair and you don’t know what to do with it?  Well I don’t either, but in this issue you can learn a little about spinning your own wool courtesy of that fine sheep of yours.  Just don’t ask me to sheepsit while you’re away.  Animals freak me out.


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