EARTHQUAKE! Time to bake. That’s a song, right?

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October 18, 2012 by Gossiport 1

Who felt that earthquake Tuesday night?  We thought maybe the earth was in a booty shaking contest with Mars, but then we realized Venus would probably be more into that, and by the time we decided to stop anthropomorphizing planets things had calmed down.

What do you think of when the earth quakes like that?  Holding your loved ones close?  Wondering if your porcelain is going to crack?  Who uses porcelain anymore anyway?  Aren’t we deep in the bpa-crazed plastic era?

So.  Earthquakes make me think of baking.  You know, Earthquake cookies.  But then I was worried I would eat too many.  You know, fall is a hard time to maintain a figure.  And then I wondered if there was any earthquake pies.  Because fall seems more like pie time than cookie time.  Don’t ask me to explain myself.  And I found someone link to Crack Pie and call it Earthquake Pie.

Did you know Crack Pie was made by Christina Tosi?  Did you know Christina Tosi used to work for Star Island?  (home of Gossiport).  Christina is famous for making Compost Cookies, which have been made on Star Island for ages, including before, during and after Christina was a Star Island baker.  Just sayin’.  We’re all about gossip here.  Thought you should know if you didn’t.  I mean, Christina is awesome and all.  She makes cool stuff like cereal milk.  Here’s a recent article about some stuff she makes.  And here’s one creator of Compost Cookies.  She doesn’t get enough props.  Woot, woot everybody.  woot woot.  What are we, owls?


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