New Hampshire Hipster Festival

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October 16, 2012 by gossiportsmouth2

Let us pretend for a minute that you receive a free weekend pass to the New Hampshire Hipster Film Festival. Has that minute passed yet? Okay, so now that your pretending is over, get this — we actually received free weekend passes to the New Hampshire Hipster Film Festival! To say that we were excited is like saying scarfs were required. Obvious.

But we had never been to a film festival before. We know, we totally seem like the people who go to film festivals every other day. Yet that’s just not the way we role. Don’t you realize that you have to pay for those things. So when these freebie tickets rolled our way, we were all over that like Italians on vespas. As you may have noticed, the hipster has rubbed off on us.

From Thursday through Sunday of this past week we lolled about between the Music Hall, the Music Hall Loft, the Moffat-Ladd House, and the Seacoast Reparatory Theater. Maybe a little strange to have movie viewings in one of Portsmouth‘s most treasured historic grounds, but the barn at the Moffat-Ladd House is awesome. Seems like a good wedding location, too.

Anyways, Thursday was New Hampshire day and the films were culled from NH film makers, writers, actors, and conspirators. The big film of the day was Mike O’Malley‘s Certainty. A nice picture about a couple going through an engagement encounter at a Catholic church retreat. A lot of great acting, and the writing was quality. The movie is an adaptation of O’Malley’s play Searching for Certainty. But, to be honest, what would have made this night better was Mike O’Malley sharing stories about the days of Guts on Nickelodeon.

Friday night saw the official opening ceremonies — whoops, I guess NH day doesn’t actually count — and the first showing of Celeste and Jesse Forever. This film was awesome sauce times a billion. Written by and co-staring Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation fame, and also co-starring SNL alum Andy Samberg, this film just rocked. Like any good film, it made us forget the real world and the zumba/prostitution scandal north of the border in Maine. The best part about this romantic comedy is that it was funny all the way through. Definitely had those serious moments akin to that time your grandfather told you he ate his finger (only later did you find out that it was cut off in a construction accident), but carried through by the laughs and top quality self-pleasurement bits.

Saturday night was a bit of a wash festival-wise. Saw some short films, but, more importantly, went over a friends house for a birthday party and watched a Bollywood movie about cricket and colonialism. The main character was so amazing he did the following:

  • Taught a community to play and understand cricket in less than 3 months
  • Solved India’s caste system
  • Won a cricket match essentially single-handedly
  • Sang
  • Ended a drought
  • Saved the lives of an entire community

and probably most importantly

  • Had two ladies fall in love with him

So basically this movie, Lagaan, is hot to trot.

On Sunday, the film festival’s conclusion, we saw a documentary about the family constructing the largest house in the United States titled The Queen of Versailles. This was a great portrait of a family coming to grips with the financial collapse of 2008, but the interesting part was that the film started before the collapse and was supposed to be about this gigantic house under construction. The movie turned into a severe look at the lifestyle of the wealthy and what happens when money runs out. For example, you fire your maids and your dogs still crap on the floor. Someone has to pick that up and guess what, it’s not us.

But what was the most important part of the New Hampshire Hispter Film Festival? A close second was the free champagne tent on Saturday afternoon (okay, so we write afternoon, but if that tent was open at 9 AM we would have been there). The most important part was the costumes. And this isn’t Portsmouth Comic Con. Nope, we went all hipster out. Because going to such a festival — don’t worry, we did the research — means you either have to dress up really fancy, or really hipster. So we went with the more casual of the two.

Shoes: sneakers or high tops. Maybe a pair of eco-friendly slippers

Bottoms: Black or faded jeans

Tops: Flannels, hoodies

Accessories: Scarfs (flannel scarfs earns you an extra life), San Francisco Giants baseball cap, hand-knit beannie.

So yep, we won this thing. Oh, lesson learned by the way. You’re supposed to roll up the pant leg of your jeans a couple of times for about an inch-wide cuff. Not exactly sure why, yet, but YOLO.

And, not that this has anything to do with anything. But we saw a really cute guy walking a dog in our neighborhood today. And we’re not saying we sit at the window watching everyone walk their dogs, but we are saying that we’ve never seen this guy before. Do walk by again?


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