Gosportsmouth Quiz – Do you have what it takes?

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October 10, 2012 by Gossiport 1

Gosport <<>> Portsmouth

Who can tell the difference?  Is it you?

Let’s find out with this quick quiz.  Answers should be either Gosport or Portsmouth.  Sometimes with more specificity if you know it.

No cheating.  Report your scores in the comments below and see if you did better than your neighbor’s hampster.

1. Where Karen and Anethe Christensen are buried. (victims of the 1873 Smuttynose Murders)

2. Home of The Secret Bar.

3. Where you can order a Polar Bear for breakfast.

4. Where you’ll be closer to Great Island.

Answers below.

No Peeking before you’re done…

1. South Cemetery, Portsmouth, NH. 2 points for Portsmouth, 5 points for correct cemetery.

2. Trick Question.  I first heard of the secret bar on Star Island, but its very name is indicative of its elusive location.  The secret bar is where everyone else is when you’re looking for them and can’t find them.  Where all the cool kids are.  You can almost never find it, but sometimes you stumble upon an unlikely gathering of your favorite people and decide you’ve found it.  Give yourself 2 points if you said Gosport.  Give yourself 5 points if you left it blank.  If you think it’s in Portsmouth, let us know where.  We’re always curious to find out where the party’s at, yo.  If you said Portsmouth, only give yourself points if you give us a location in the comments.  In that case you can have 7 points.

3. Star Island Snackbar.  1 point for Gosport.  3 points if eatery was specified.

4. Great Island is the old name for New Castle, which is next to Portsmouth.  3 points for P-town. Meaning Portsmouth, not Provincetown.

How to decode our point system to determine your self worth:

0-2 points: You clearly need to learn more about Portsmouth and Gosport.  subscribe to this blog that you’re currently reading as well as this other awesome blog and try again once you’ve sufficiently absorbed some knowledge of these lovely locales.

3-5 points: You are in the grammar school of Gosportsmouth.  You’ll need to take a few more classes before you can drop the gym requirement.  Bet you can’t wait for that.  Follow advice above.

7-14 points: You’re not the best, but on a scale of one to awesome, you’re pretty great.  Give yourself a big pat on the back and eat some gourmet chocolate.  Then send us some gourmet chocolate.  We’d really like that.

15-18 points: Congratulations!  You’re awesome!  You should write a guest post.  Contact us at Gossiportsmouth for details.


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